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Golden Bauhinia Flower

Golden Bauhinia Square
The Golden Bauhinia Square (Chinese: 金紫荊廣場) is an open area in North Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The square was named after the giant statue of a golden Bauhinia blakeana at the centre of the area, situated outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the ceremonies for the handover of Hong Kong and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was held in July 1997. A flag-raising ceremony is held every day at 8:00am. It is considered a tourist attraction. The sculpture, a gilded flower bauhinia, is 6 metres high. The major part is composed of a bauhinia on a base of red granite pillar on a pyramid. The sculpture is deemed an important symbol for the Hong Kong people after the handover. On the second day of Chinese New Year and National Day of the People's Republic of China, the square is lighted up by a firework show. The Golden Bauhinia has also been nicknamed the "Golden Pak Choi" by locals.
There is a famous saying “You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you”. Truly Hong Kong is one of the world’s most iconic cities and a hub of shopping and sightseeing. There is a gem in heart of Hong Kong, Golden Bauhinia Square, located on the side of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, facing the sea of Wan Chai. It has been a historic landmark and symbol of Hong Kong. This site is hugely popular with Chinese visitors who come to take photos of the Reunification Monument and to enjoy the pomp and symbolism of the daily flag raising ceremony. Golden Bauhinia Square was a gift from the Central Government to mark the 1997 Handover, an occasion that held tremendous significance for the world’s largest nation and stands out as a landmark event in the 20th century history.